Sixties Music

Sixties Music

I’m not stuck in the past, honest! I listen to lots of great new music, but I do have an abiding love for the pop music made in the 1960s. It was a dynamic, exciting, chaotic time, not only in music, but in popular culture in general. I have read voraciously, listened extensively, and soaked up the “feel” of the decade. Over the years, this has manifested itself in several ways – my radio programs, my record collection, the 60s hit singles charts, my erstwhile 60s Pop encyclopedia, and even a bit in my own songs.

I’m delighted to be able to express this interest on my website, with my recordings, a selection of my 60s-focused radio programs, and the most extensive and insightful tabulation of 60s hit singles anywhere. There is even some analytic material, with more to come. So dig in and enjoy!

60s Hit Singles Charts

This comprehensive tabulation is a unique assembly of all the major 1960s hit single listings from the English-speaking world. It allows not only an understanding of the hit-making record of every charted performer in the decade, but also a direct comparison across countries, publications, and genres. Information has been assembled from a variety of public sources. The table is largely complete but additional information and refinements will continue to be added over time. A special chart excerpt allows you to track the Canadian pop scene over the decade.

Steve Schijns and Sixties Radio

I began my community radio career in 1979 as a volunteer at CFRC while an Engineering student at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario. It was a fun way to be creative, meet interesting people, balance the tough engineering studies, and play great songs. I started with general rock shows, request shows (play “Free Bird”, man…), and fill-ins, but in 1980 began my own specialty program, called The Good, The Bad, and The Sixties. It would allow me to play a wide range of pop and rock from the decade, with a particular focus on the obscure and interesting rather than the million-selling hits.