About Steve

Stephen (Steve) Schijns (pronounced “Skines”) is an independent musician, singer, songwriter, and recording artist. 

He is based in Kelowna, British Columbia (BC), Canada.

Steve has been a student of pop / rock music since the 1960s. Steve created community radio programs on CFRC (Kingston, ON), and CKCU (Ottawa, ON) in the 1980s focused on obscure and interesting 60s songs. After learning to play guitar in his 20s he began composing songs. In his 40s he began jamming with friends in a cover band in Mississauga, ON; as “Blunt Instrument” they had a dozen live performances over ten years but did not record. Steve entered a recording studio for the first time in 2016 with producer Glenn Domina in Toronto, where musical friends helped record his first couple of songs.

Since moving to Kelowna in 2020 and hooking up with talented producer Andrew Smith at Lake Studios, Stephen has worked with Andrew and selected session musicians to create a string of catchy, upbeat, thoughtful, and musically interesting releases that have gotten a positive response and some college radio play. Noted musician/producer Genya Ravan of Sirius XM21 has selected several singles for her monthly 12-song “best unsigned acts” program.

Steve’s songs are tremendously varied, from punchy punkish rock (“Fully Committed”) to ragtimey fun (“What Do I Know About Love?”) and folk-rock (“The Yukon Doesn’t Care”) to the stirring rock mini-epic of “Elegy”. His forte, however, is in classic power pop / rock singles (“MAP”, “Fooling Yourself”, and “Take Your Life And Run”) and sixties-imbued originals (Hollies in “I Met Her Yesterday”, a wild 1963 dancefloor in “Round We Go”, or Dick Dale surf guitar in “Trans-Pacific Beach Bum”). All productions are fully realized and radio-ready, in mP3 and .wav formats.

All of Stephen Schijns’ songs are available on bandcamp, soundcloud, Spotify, amazon, apple music, deezer, and other popular web sites. His youtube video channel is under “Steve Schijns” and under “Schijns Music” on facebook. There is a wealth of material at his music web site: www.schijnsmusic.com. The web site includes some of his groundbreaking research into hit singles, record charts, and music of the 1960s.